Prompts & Topics for Your Life Story

The Best Method to Remember What You've Forgotten

… and how to tell others more than you ever thought you knew.

The one, single, recurring consideration of a Life Story project is where to start and what to talk about. It’s not as though you haven’t anything to say but more… What to say!

With a Lifetime of experiences how do you choose the interesting things and how do you remember what’s been forgotten?

Why not explore a Life Story the way we get to know people, start with a generalisation, explore topics and dig down to specifics and then we’ll get to really know you.

The Prompts & Topics for Your LifeStory e-book is intended to help you explore your life, to order the wonderful experiences and rediscover the things you’ve forgotten!

In a step by step approach you’ll soon know the interesting topics of all the different periods in your life where the stories naturally follow.

This is not the usual long list of prompts (they’re in the book also) but a strategic way of exploring your life to discover the personal stories which will fascinate others and explain what your life has been all about.

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Prompts & Topics for Your LifeStory

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What’s in Prompts & Topics for Your Life Story
      • A new approach to finding the topics of your lifetime.
      • Simple ways to breakdown a lifetime’s experiences.
      • Strategy for capturing prompts as they appear.
      • Finding the stories from different parts of your life. The big and small.
      • Six simple questions to discover all the stories on any topic.
      • Topics to fascinate others which you may take for granted.
      • Most comprehensive list of traditional prompts.

Just reading Prompts & Topics for Your LifeStory
will bring to mind the memories of your lifetime.
You’ll not be able to stop yourself wanting to tell great stories.
There is no greater motivator than discovering
the memories you’ve forgotten.

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